About me

My Medical Writing Story

How an engineering major with a love for writing found the field she was meant to be in.


How I started writing

I graduated from Rutgers University with both a B.S. and M.Eng. in Biomedical Engineering, which begs the question, how did I end up in medical writing?

I have always loved math and science. I loved learning about new innovations and solving problems, but, I also loved writing. As someone in STEM, this is unusual. Engineers are known for there severe dislike of writing, but I still loved taking English classes so that I had to chance to craft a compelling essay.

With medical writing, I get the chance to write on topics that I love learning about. With every single article I write or scientific article I summarize, I get to immerse myself in the field I love and create something that everyone can understand.

To me, medical writing combines my two favorite things, science and writing, and I cannot wait to bring my love for this field to your business.